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Art, school and social commitment: Gianni’s projects

Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 27 August 2021
In an computer technician’s heart working for a multinational railway engineering company there is enough space for much more than charts, numbers and maps.

Gianni Vernì knows it well. In addition to his job, he always loved drawing and art in general, and since 2009 he developed a real passion for engraving and even opened his own firm in Rom where he prints his works, which he then shows in several exhibitions and events.

Gianni has known and used WebSite X5 for years and created many websites, which he still lovingly manages.

We asked him more about his most important projects, and that’s what he told us.

Hi Gianni, to begin with, let’s talk about your website #1, i.e. your personal one: http://www.gianniverni.it.

«Hi. As you mentioned, apart from being an engineer, I have always had a passion for art, and I decided to create a website so to give my works more visibility.

I remember choosing WebSite X5 after an online search - there was version 8 back then!- because of his user-friendliness and flexibility. I created my very first website, and then I carried on updating both the website and the software.

Please allow me a brief digression about updates. I never forgot the first sentence my IT professor said during my first lesson at the University: “An error-free software doesn’t exist”. That’s why I think the work you carried out throughout the years to bring WebSite X5 where it is today is incredibly important.

Going back to my personal website, I tried to make it as simple as possible: I used my own name for my domain and I gave it the Title “Arte incisa”, which means “engraved art”. I then used it to display my portfolio, to report some of the most important activities and events, and I added a contact page as well. I think I have been pretty basic but clear, and I hope I have been able to highlight my works in the best possible way.»

Let’s now move on to website #2, which you created for a kindergarten: http://www.scuolamariabambina.it.

«Yes, in more recent times I made my experience available for those realities I am personally involved with: the first one is indeed the kindergarten  "Maria Bambina" in Rome.

A school has got much to say: it has to tell its story, explain its educational offer, provide useful documentation etc. Moreover, it needs to look homely and create a sense of trust which parents and children need to feel entering its classrooms and spaces overall.

Because of this, when developing the website, I tried to arrange the pages so to help the visitors find the necessary information right away. I then created a neat layout, with images, galleries and texts: I decided to focus on readability.»  

And so we get to website #3, a “special” project for a “special” community: http://www.larche-ilchicco.it.

«Il Chicco is an NPO for people suffering from mental distress based in Ciampino, which I have been working with for many years now. It is a Community made of 3 foster homes where 20 people with mental disabilities live, together with aid workers and volunteers from all over the world. It offers many workshops, including the chalcography one, which I personally follow.

This one is surely the more complex project among the three: it has many sections, pictures as well as a part for all the stories reported by the volunteers and supporters.

I am particularly happy about the fact that I have been able to integrate a platform to get donations. It is a sort of e-commerce through which, according to the amount donated,  it is possible to get one of the engravings created by the people that attend the workshop as a thank-you gift.

I must say that the initiative has been pretty successful and, thanks to WebSite X5, it has also been so simple to manage it all.»

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