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The importance of a website for an art gallery: Marco’s story

Published by Incomedia in Success stories · 24 June 2021
Art galleries are the touchstones for artists, collectors and, generally speaking, for all those who are part of the art world.
According to the  Art Market 2018 report, there are about 290,000 worldwide, but today Marco Emilio Bertona will tell us about a particular art gallery: the MEB Arte Studio in  Borgomanero, a town located in northern Italy.

Marco has not only founded the art gallery, he has also created the official website with his own hands: http://www.mebartestudio.it. Of course, using WebSite X5.

Let’s let him tell us about his experience.

Hi Marco, can you tell us how your adventure begun?

«Hi everyone! I am actually an architect, and I have been working at a firm dealing with interior design and planning of residential solutions for many years now. I always loved art and finally my dream came true in 2012: I opened an art gallery which aims at promoting contemporary art in my region.»

Why have you decided to create a website for your art gallery?

«We’re living in an increasingly globalized world, therefore I think that being online is nowadays crucial for anyone who wants to start an activity, especially in the cultural field. In my opinion, being online means having a website which takes advantage of the social media as well: that’s the only way to be always “accessible” with a simple click, and to be taken seriously.»

Which challenges did you face once you started working on your website?

«First I had to face my little experience in this field: I needed an easy-to-use tool which could nevertheless allow me to create a professional website. I made some online searches and that’s how I found Incomedia’s website: WebSite X5 claimed to be a tool anyone could use to build websites easily and quickly. I decided to give it a try and got really impressed! Despite being green, I could create my website with very little effort and in no time.»

Did you follow any guidelines while creating your art gallery website?

«I tried to bring online the same mood of the “physical” gallery. I started off a blank page, so to avoid any graphic elements or colors which might have dragged the attention away from the real protagonists: the artworks. I then used images and galleries, both to showcase the exhibitions and the artworks of the many artists we work with.
I think the pages and the contents of a website must be easily readable: only in this way, in fact, it is possible to convey the wished message to the audience.»

What goals did you reach thanks to your website?

«The importance of the communication though our website and our social accounts has increased day by day. We noticed that we can reach a larger and even international audience thanks to our website, especially European and American visitors. As you can imagine, this represents a very significant achievement of ours!»

Last question: based on your experience, would you recommend WebSite X5?

«I personally used WebSite X5 not only for the art gallery, but to build the websites for two of the artist we work with as well:

I think WebSite X5 is a tool anyone who wants to build up their own online presence should definitely take into consideration.»

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