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Discover the main features of the newest version of our software and create your website.
Shape & Play!

Font-astic Management

In the new version, using fonts is even easier. Log into the Google Fonts list and add to presets without even exiting the program. And with one click, you can replace your template's default font.

Powerful Menu

The new, personalized Object Menu is the brand new navigation menu. You can insert a menu anywhere on the page, create websites with sidebar menus, and define them for use on any device. And set up elements in the Sticky Bar however you want.

Parallax Magic Effects

Experiment with new Parallax 3D effects and insert not only colors and images in the fields, but also videos, slideshows, and maps. Finish it off with the Overlay effect, a color filter you can add to content and animate however you like. Make your website amazing.

Tailored Contact Forms

Create the perfect contact form for your website's style and needs. New options allow you to personalize the look of the text field and buttons, and to insert customized text on every page of your site.

Full-screen Images

Showcase your photos with the incredible new Showbox. Create full-screen image galleries on your website with amazing transition effects. If you sell online, highlight your products with the new, powerful zoom.

An even more Stylish Blog

Refresh your blog with new layouts in version 14. The Main Page and Article Page graphics look modern and are completely personalizable. And you can display your posts as pages or in a dedicated slideshow.

Sales Boosters

V14 e-commerce tools make life easier for you and your customers. Invite them to create an account on your website to manage orders and purchases in a personal user account. With one click, export client contact information to send e-mail promotions or newsletters.

New Graphic Templates

Discover the 500 Graphic Templates that we've created for version 14 in the software's internal Gallery. Now you have 200 totally new templates plus 300 templates have been updated to use the new features introduced in the Item Menu.

More Secure

Our notifications remind you to create backups so you won't lose your work. And features that eliminate outdated backup copies make managing backups easier and more advantageous.

Easier and Faster

With no sub-sections in the interface, workflow really is easier, and you can concentrate on the 5 steps needed to create your website. With everything at your fingertips, you can choose the Template you need to build your site, at the start of each project.

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