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#incostars: experiences with a WebSite X5 site

Incomedia’s #incostars project shares the experiences of individuals who used WebSite X5 to create their own websites, by themselves. Their stories describe their concrete requirements, their relationships with technology, and the success they achieved by putting themselves in the game. We’ve gathered them here to spark your passion for the web and share the culture, values, and pride that bring life to our team, our community, and our products.
I did it myself. You can do it too.


WebSite X5’s life intertwines with the lives of the people who choose it every day. Discover their stories.
Uberto Piccardo
Gian Marco Polonioli
B&B Owner
Licia Gaia Sortino
Edo Sartori

Who are the #incostars?

A dentist, a B&B owner, an artist, an instrument maker, and non-profit volunteers. #incostars are everyday people, chosen from the WebSite X5 community because of the value of their personal stories. They were chosen because their amazing journeys of growth, which started with a WebSite X5 site, can inspire others to believe in themselves and rise to the challenge online.

What do #incostars do?

#incostars work with the Incomedia team to promote “do-it-yourself” values online, using their own stories as testimony. They dedicate time to producing video and image content based on their own experiences with WebSite X5 and share tips and ideas for growing online.

How can I participate?

The project is just starting, but we are already looking for our next #incostars. If you've created your own website using WebSite X5 and have a unique story to tell, you're who we’re looking for. Send us your application, we can't wait to meet you!
Want to be the next incostar?
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