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My website
with WebSite X5.

I focus the camera and snap a photo. That is my art. My portfolio includes weddings and portraits, as well as design and furniture photography. Ever since I was a kid, before I even had a camera, I would use a pencil to capture the world around me on paper.

Now, my photos are also online: having a website has allowed me to overcome any geographical limitations, because everyone can see that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I did it myself. You can do it too.
Vincenzo Errico
Name: Vincenzo Errico
Site: www.vincenzoerrico.com
Age: 47 years
Profession: Photographer
Studies: Radiology school and lots of photography workshops
Personality: creative
Strength: sense of aesthetics
Passion: photography
Web experience: neophyte
Time spent on the website: 1hr/week

A photographer in demand all over Italy.

Photography has long been Vincenzo's passion, and has been part of his life forever. Even before he had a camera, he would use pencil and paper to capture his view of world. His artistic sensibilities led him to specialize in wedding photography, portraits, and interior design. In the early 2000s, Vincenzo decided that printing on paper wasn't enough for him. That's why he decided to launch his own website, to show everyone his art and overcome geographical boundaries. Because art is like the Internet: it's a universal language that unites us all.
I created my website around 15 years ago. Today, it's a crucial tool for achieving visibility, it has allowed me to reach clients all over the world.

An international showcase.

Photography might be one of the art forms that has been most transformed by the digital revolution. Vincenzo knew that creating his own website would allow him to present his photographs to an international audience, overcoming the limitations of his geographical location.

That's why he decided to create his online showcase: today, most people search for services online and through social networks. So having an online presence is mandatory, especially for anyone, like Vincenzo, who conveys feelings through images.

A website to share his best work.

As an Internet newbie, Vincenzo needed a solution that would allow him to:
  • build his website himself
  • achieve professional results

Vincenzo is a creative person with clear ideas. That's why, ten years ago now, after evaluating the most famous online platforms, he didn't hesitate to purchase WebSite X5 on the spot when he saw it for sale in a local computer store.

The most popular CMS options weren't for him: after trying them out, he realized that he wouldn't be able to achieve his desired results without learning how to code. Meanwhile, WebSite X5 got him online in just two weeks, and he was able to build his website exactly as he had envisioned it.
I chose WebSite X5 because it was easy to use and because of the quality of its image galleries, which are a crucial feature in my profession.

From Italian photos to a universal language.

Today, his website www.vincenzoerrico.com has become an international portfolio that draws couples looking to get married in Italy.
Italian brides and grooms aren't the only ones getting in touch,

Vincenzo's photographs now cross geographical borders and are viewed by couples from other countries who are planning weddings in Italy.
What does all this mean?

His best photographs are truly works of art. Not only do they contribute to Vincenzo's professional reputation, they also lead clients to contact him for information and quotes. His site has become a crucial channel of communication for all prospective clients interested in having Vincenzo photograph their own weddings.

But there’s more.

Here at Incomedia, we see Vincenzo Errico's story as the story of how a photographer with real artistic sensibilities can turn emotions into something concrete, which overcomes boundaries to become a timeless, universal language. That’s why Vincenzo is a prime example of an incostar.

A face, a story, an incostar.
Gian Marco Polonioli
Proprietario B&B
Uberto Piccardo
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