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Create your music website
You don't have a website and… you are losing new customers! People are no longer searching in telephone directories when they need a music band or orchestra. They search on the internet and even more people are using their mobile phones to look up. A well-designed music website can catch their attention. Also, posting reviews and opinions from previous customers can help you get new clients.

Why your music band needs a website

Your music band website will appear on the internet search results when someone needs you. Here are some tips to make the most from your music website:

Focus on music, tours, gigs and concerts, while your music website will deal with marketing and advertising getting new customers for you.
Portray your band as modern and accessible from anywhere in the world.
Keep your regular and potential customers informed.
Post your previous clients reviews and opinions, always answer and thank them for their comments to increase their satisfaction and help potential customers to trust in your band.
Use their reviews and feedback to improve and get to know your clients tastes, to add new songs or keep your music hits.

Start now with our ready-to-use Full Templates

Cool Music

Glow Music Fest

Indie Music

How to create your music band website

It’s so easy! Just follow these 3 steps:

Download the software

First of all, download WebSite X5, our friendly and easy-to-use software, and install it on your computer just following the instructions.

Pick up the template

You can choose among so many music website templates: our software will guide you step by step to choose the best template style and help you customizing it for your music band website.

Publish your content

Drag and drop content, images, text, email forms and whatever you need to populate your website page just before publishing it. WebSite X5 is easy, quick and professional!

Your music band website’s must-haves

There are some things you absolutely need in your music website:


The musician page is important to explain in a few words who you are and also the most important info about what you do: the kind of music you play, past tours, projects, etc.


Make it easy for your potential clients to contact you through social media, email and other channels. Be available for any business opportunity that arises!


Keep your customers informed of your latest news and create expectation about your next gig or your upcoming tour. Your previous customers will hire you again and will recommend you to others. Are you proud of your new guitar, amplifier or piece of equipment? Has a new vocalist or musician joined your band? Is there anything worthy to tell or anecdotes about your last gig or tour? Post it in your band website!

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How can we help?

Log into our Help Center from your WebSite X5 account and let our multilingual Support Team help you with the software. You can also ask the community for help, or learn on your own using tutorials and online guides created with you in mind. Not registered yet? Contact us.

Follow your dreams, create your music WebSites!
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