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Create a website for your church or community
Today almost all tasks in a church or a community can be done online on a website. Portray your church or community as modern and accessible from anywhere in the world through your website!
Discover how simple it is to create a church or community website just using our software WebSite X5.
Why are church websites important for your community?
Creating church websites has a lot of advantages for your community:

you can keep your members informed about your activities
they can log in to your website from the comfort of their own home anytime 24/7
you can be sure they receive announcements and news about upcoming events
they can manage memberships, collect donations and then receive notifications

How to create church websites with a template

Our software WebSite X5 allows you to design your church or community website with ready-to-use templates.
With a few clicks, you can create a website for your community or church and then easily customise it.

Download the software

Download WebSite X5, our friendly and easy-to-use software, and install it on your computer just following our step-by-step instructions.

Pick up the template

You can choose among some church or community website templates: our software will guide you to select the best template style and help you customising it for your website.

Publish your content

Drag and drop content, images, text, email forms, etc. Invite members to upload related videos or links from other video platforms and social media.

Church websites: some useful ideas and tips

Mobile device compatibility is a “must” as many members use their mobile phones and tablets.
Use a design friendly with all ages and computer knowledge.
Think about “news and upcoming events” sections, where members can find information about gatherings, meetings, charity and assistance, projects, journeys, weddings, etc.
Make available links to past events photos and videos. Implement the possibility for viewers to subscribe to get customised notifications.  
Add useful links to local news, emergency services, weather forecast, etc.

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How can we help?

Log into our Help Center from your WebSite X5 account and let our multilingual Support Team help you with the software. You can also ask the community for help, or learn on your own using tutorials and online guides created with you in mind. Not registered yet? Contact us.

Follow your dreams, create your music WebSites!
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