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How to create websites: tips for craftsmen
Are you an expert on everything handmade? Then creating a craftsman website to showcase your work is certainly something for you! Today, in fact, a professional must have a site to present his business to potential customers. It is often difficult to find experts in certain sectors which is why, for example, websites for plumbers, mechanics or craftsmen like blacksmiths or carpenters are the ideal solution for professionals and customers alike, as they allow to get in touch with one another. Since a craftsmen may not be as comfortable designing websites as they are with their everyday work, WebSite X5 has come up with a simple and practical solution!

Here is why creating a website is important for you

A craftsman´s website can be a real springboard to success for business and can help attract more and more customers. Specifically, websites allow craftsmen to:

promote products or services, attracting customers from their geographical area;
advertise special offers or promotions;
raise company awareness;
attract traffic to their site from users who use search engines to look for specific professional services.

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How to create a craftsman website with WebSite X5

Download the software

You don´t have to be a computer wiz to create a website. With WebSite X5 it's very simple: all you have to do is download our software and follow the instructions that will guide you step by step in creating a website specific to your craft. Moreover, with WebSite X5, no subscription is required; once purchased, the software will always be at your disposal!

Choose the template

Do you need a template for your plumbing or blacksmith website? On WebSite X5 you have a range of pre-made templates at your disposal from which you can choose the one that suits your craft business best. Alternatively, you can follow the software’s instructions to create a custom template tailored to your needs!

Publish content

Once you have chosen the template, there is only one step left to complete your craft website: publish the content. Thanks to the user-friendly WebSite X5 software, this step is extremely easy and fast. In fact, using the drag & drop system, you just have to select the photos or texts to insert and drag them to the page!

Key elements to include in a craft website

When creating a website, a craftsman like other professionals from different sectors, cannot underestimate the importance of some key elements, such as:

contact details or a live chat, to be reachable even in emergency situations;
a description of the services available and opening hours;
photos of the studio and of the final product to showcase one’s work;
a final call to action, i.e. an invitation to trying the service or to take advantage of special offers.

It is also worth underlining any elements that are specific to your work; to give an example, let's consider the essential elements of a violin maker´s website, one of the most typical examples of artisan work.

A violin maker's website: useful tips

Websites are a fundamental tool for artisan workers such as violin makers. Professionals like this, in fact, are often hard to find and their value tends to be undermined. Therefore, having a website gives violin makers an additional way to find new customers and also gives them the opportunity to establishing themselves in the industry. In this case, it is important to highlight the creative process and the quality of the materials used, as well as provide photos and videos of the musical instruments made.

What are you waiting for? Spread the word about your business! Build your website now and stand out from the competition with WebSite X5!

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How can we help?

Log into our Help Center from your WebSite X5 account and let our multilingual Support Team help you with the software. You can also ask the community for help, or learn on your own using tutorials and online guides created with you in mind. Not registered yet? Contact us.

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