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Business websites for small & big businesses

Recent research shows that businesses on the Internet
grow more quickly and earn more.
Being on the Internet really can make the difference.
With WebSite X5 you can create fantastic professional and responsive websites, even if
you aren't a web designer or a programmer.

Businesses, craftsmen and startups

Bring your business online...

To sell products online

Go beyond a single home page: transform your website into a tool that actively promotes your business and increases sales.
With WebSite X5 it's easy to create an online store. Create your product catalog, set up discounts and special offers, define the various payment methods (including credit card management) and check on orders and stock levels from the online control panel.
Thanks to the Internet, your business can go global and export your specialities all over the world.
To show yourself at your best

A website is more than a business card. It doesn't just give your name and phone number: it's your business's showcase, it tells your story, it talks about the people behind the name and what they can offer.
To present yourself as a professional, you need a professional look, as well as professional contents. With WebSite X5, you can choose from over 500 ready-to-use graphic templates, or you can create your own. You can see the results of your work as you go, and you can import content, customize each element and create professional and well-structured pages.
To help people find you

On the web, from desktops and from mobile devices, but also from the social networks.
You can include buttons for all the social networks with WebSite X5, and you won't have to duplicate the site to have a mobile version: a responsive website adapts automatically and displays correctly on tablets and smartphones.
What's more, thanks to the HTML5 code and the simple page optimization procedure, search engines will index the pages correctly and give your business the visibility it deserves.
To help people contact you

Don't forget the obvious. Remember to include a "Contacts" page: make sure your contacts are clear, add a Google Maps to show where you are and include an email form so people can write to you. If you want to reach new markets and an international public, it may be worth investing in translating your website into different languages. With WebSite X5 it's easy to set up a choice of languages for your site and manage different alphabets, including Russian, Japanese and Arabic.
To protect sensitive information

A lot of information, such as product sheets, price lists and special offers, isn't always intended for the general public.
A website often contains information that is destined for a limited number of people: you can limit access to information of this type using usernames and passwords. Protect locked pages and manually enable those users who can access them. Alternatively, opt for online registration and send users their credentials only after they have registered online.
To create complete websites with an app inside

Businesses, craftsmen and startups alike, you are all experts in your field.
You can use your website or blog to talk about what you know and you'll find an attentive audience that is interested in what you say.
You can also invite your visitors to download the app, which is available for free for both iOS and Android, so that they receive all your latest news and offers directly on their smartphones and tablets.

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