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Privacy, Security and Site Management

The advanced features of WebSite X5

Privacy, Cookies, Google reCaptcha

Create a Privacy Policy banner with information on data processing or store operations. To protect against spam, you can turn on the Google reCaptcha directly from WebSite X5. A few clicks and it will all be up and running.
Online Control Panel

Manage your website using the online control panel. You can moderate comments on your Blog and Guestbook, manage orders and product availability, track user registrations and more.

WebSite X5 Manager

Add all the sites you want and do it with a few taps. WebSite X5 Manager offers all the tools you need to better manage your online presence from mobile devices. From the iPhone or iPad or an Android smartphone or tablet. On the road or on the couch at home.

Start to monitor now:
your store: manage orders from your store, check inventory and receive
moderate and reply to comments from the community
all your sites: get real-time notifications

Ensure quality service to your customers. Wherever you are.

What other advanced features do I have on my website?

Protect pages with passwords
Enable password protection to prevent unregistered users accessing your web site, blog or online store. You can choose which pages to protect and manage the registration process.
Database Integration
The more users you have, the more it becomes important to manage data well. Integrate one or more databases into your website. The advantage is obvious: data will be ready for any future use.
Custom HTML code
If you are an experienced user, use the dedicated internal Editor to edit the HTML and CSS code and create the perfect website for you. In this way, the opportunities for customization are truly endless!

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