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Who we are

We believe tough things can be made easy.
That is why we developed WebSite X5, a software that allows anybody - even those with no programming experience - to create their own website, blog, or online store themselves. WebSite X5 is a wizard, meaning a guided process, but there's real magic turning your dream website into reality.

WebSite X5 story.

2000 | WebSite 1.0
The inspiration behind WebSite X5's predecessor came to us while on holiday on a hot summer day. That's when we built our 5 steps, and we haven't stopped since.
2003 | WebSite Plus
Plus took us to SMAU Italia, a can't-miss event for tech and innovation lovers.
2005 | WebSite X5
The turning point. The first version of WebSite X5 comes out. Our 5-step website creation software grows. And so does our users' passion.
2007 | WebSite X5 Evolution 7
A black and flaming red box for its official introduction at CeBIT in Hannover. Sold in over 40 countries, WebSite X5 becomes more and more international.
2011 | WebSite X5 Answers: benvenuta community!
Users from all over the world, skilled moderators, and Incomedia's technical support. Together, we become a community that loves to share its passion for sites created with WebSite X5.
2013 | WebSite X5 10 Evolution e Professional
A version that made history, and still has a place in our users' hearts. For the first time, Professional enters the market to help small business owners who want to stand out online.
2017 | WebSite X5 14 e Update Protection
Version 14 of our software is released, offering endless possibilities for building your website the way you want it. And thanks to the new Update Protection warranty, keeping your software up-to-date is easier and more convenient than ever.
2019 | WebSite X5 2019.1
New logo, new name and new graphical interface. The design becomes simpler, the name shorter, and everything becomes clearer and more readable. One thing has not changed though: the essence of a program suitable for anyone who wants to start out with his or her own website
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