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WebSite X5 Start
Create your own website with the easiest-to-use website builder ever.
Webdesign, Website development, Programming, Home-Office, Utility
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Professional:     
Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 (32 bit - 64 bit)
2 GB RAM - Min. Screen Resolution  1024 x 600
Video Tutorial > How to create your own website
WebSite X5 Gallery > Discover websites made with WebSite X5
WebSite X5 Marketplace > Get new templates and Apps
WebSite X5 Help Center > Join the WebSite X5 community
WebSite X5 New Features > Find them in the News section
WebSite X5 Demo > Ask for your very own customized version

Product Code:   WSX5-STR-EN
EAN:   8033247895230
Price:     € 19,99
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A 5-step website builder
When it comes to WebSite X5 Start, making your website is easy and fun. Don’t stress yourself out on technical issues: there’s no need to code in HTML. Just focus on your message and its look and feel.
And in the end you'll be amazed how quickly you can get your website online.

Get WebSite X5 Start and make your own website in 5 simple steps:

1. Set your project
2. Pick a graphic template
3. Add pages
4. Enter images and text
5. Publish online

Ready to go online? Start today!
WebSite X5 Start is the perfect tool for beginners and anyone else with no HTML skills: it eliminates any problems and helps you get your website finished in a snap.
You can choose from 50 ready-to-use templates, create up to 25 web pages and easily Drag&Drop text, images, videos, sounds and animations.
To publish your website online you just have to upload via the built-in FTP Client Engine.
So, WebSite X5 Start is a fully-visual website maker. Everything you need will be done for you, including generating HTML code for your web pages. They will naturally be compatible with any browser and Mobile devices.
Create your website with WebSite X5 Start to build your online presence, share passions or interests.
In the spotlight:
50 customizable graphic templates
Edit photos
Generate menu navigation
Import YouTube and online Videos, sounds or animations
Create buttons through editor
Publish online with built-in FTP Client Engine
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