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Responsive Web Design

Is your website ready for mobile devices? Now you can create responsive websites with WebSite X5. It doesn't matter if your website is viewed on a desktop, tablet or smartphone: the pages will be automatically adapted to the size of the device being used so that content and pictures are clearly visible and visitors have a perfect navigating experience, always. 
Setting up breakpoints – A breakpoint is a point, along the resolutions line, at which the website's page layout changes. Set up the breakpoints according to the type of project you are working on and the public it is intended for.

Template management – The graphic template has different characteristics on desktops and smartphones. You can work on both in all your projects and customize them as you wish. If you start from a default template, remember that they are all optimized to be responsive. 
Content definition – Go through the contents of each page and decide what can be, or needs to be, displayed as the resolution diminishes, and hide the superfluous. Add line breaks appropriately to guarantee a consistent and logical layout.

 Order and Stock management

Order and Stock management. Buying online is now the norm and, consequently, more and more stores offer this facility. WebSite X5's e-commerce cart is now even more powerful so you can manage your stock. We've also made the online control panel responsive: now you can check in-coming orders and stock availability from your smartphone.
 Product availability – Make sure the availability of each product is displayed in your online store. It is updated automatically and customers will appreciate it.
 Control panel – you can access the online control panel at any time and from anywhere. Use it to check on in-coming orders, file those that have been dispatched and monitor stock levels.

Privacy and security

We have added a whole new section where you can easily manage a number of important aspects that regard both the privacy protection policies that a website must include to safeguard users' rights and your measures to protect the web pages from abuse and spam.
Policy management – Create a banner to display a brief statement that links to the website's policies: it will be displayed on all the site's access pages and will ensure your site meets the legal requirements, in force in many countries now, for informing users about your privacy policy.
anti-spam reCaptcha – Do you want to keep spam e-mails out of your website? The best way to do it is to use Google's new reCaptcha system. Add it to your e-mail forms with a simple click. 

Welcome page

The welcome page used to be a simple front cover for the website: now it's a lot more than this. As in the past, the welcome page can still be used to display the buttons for choosing the language to view the website in, but now it can also be used to automatically redirect the visitor to the appropriate website version, according to the browser's language and/or resolution that is detected. 
Language redirection – You can either ask your visitors to select the language they want to view the website in, or you can use this new feature to automatically detect the language of the visitor's browser and redirect him to the corresponding website version.
 Resolution redirection – If you want to create both a mobile and a desktop version of your website, this feature proves useful for detecting the browser's resolution and redirecting the visitor to the most appropriate version of your website. Alternatively, you can create a responsive website.
with the new version 12 of WebSite X5 you can open projects you created with the previous versions 9, 10 and 11
You don't have to re-write them! For example, export a project created with Evolution 11 and import it into WebSite X5 Evolution 12. You'll find all the original contents and, what's more, you can use all the new features of version 12 to further develop your website and publish it online with all the new updates.

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