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HTML5 code + CSS 2.1/3, optimized for search engines | optional app libraries to add to your pages | a library of over 400,000 royalty-free pictures | Ticketing-aided support
How can I judge WebSiteX5 before I buy it?

The best thing to do is download the DEMO version of WebSite X5 Evolution or WebSite X5 Professional.

All features are fully functional in the DEMO version, so you can see for yourself what you can do with it. There's no time limit on using the free DEMO version and you can save up to 10 pages, but you can't publish it online. Once you've got the full WebSite X5 licence, you can import your demo project, finish it and publish it online.

Once I've bought a licence, do I have to pay a licence fee or commissions?

Absolutely not! When you buy a licence, you have the right to install the program on 2 PCs and use it to create all the websites you want, for yourself, for friends or for customers.

We won't ask you for any licence fee or commission on the projects you may sell to third parties.
At the end of the day, WebSite X5 is much less expensive than many of the online CMS !
Who uses WebSite X5?

Over 1.000,000 people all over the world: writers, web designers and private individuals who want to create a website for themselves, their club, school or workplace have already created loads of websites, blogs and online stores.

Some of the sites created with WebSite X5 can be seen in our gallery. We're waiting to hear about your WebSite X5 website, so what are you waiting for?

I've already got a WebSite X5 licence. Can I upgrade to the next, or the latest, version?

Of course! You can change from one version to another (for example, from Home to Evolution) or from a version prior to the current one (for example, version 10 or 11).
Go to WebSite X5 Answers, log in and visit the "Your offers" page: you'll find all the special offers available for you. You can import all your existing projects and use the new features to make your websites even more complete and professional.
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