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WebSite X5 Answers:
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WebSite X5 Answers is More Than a Forum, it's Not Just Another CRM, and it's Got Something of a Wiki About It.
It's the Social Help Center completely dedicated to WebSite X5, where you can ask questions, open a discussion, submit study material and consult what others have submitted.

In WebSite X5 Answers you'll Find:

  • Answers to your questions given by our technicians and engineers or by other members of the community

  • Study Material: White papers, articles, Tips&Tricks, video tutorial

  • The control panel for managing your projects on WebSite X5 Gallery and WebSite X5 Templates

  • For those who have WebSite X5 Evolution 10, the possibility of activating the bundled web hosting service and accessing an archive of over 6,000 royalty-free photos

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What I Get Buying WebSite X5 as download?

If you buy WebSite X5 as download you have the opportunity to reduce the time to get the program.

After the payment has been received, according to the form of payment you have chosen, you get automatically an email containing the instructions to download and install the software.

It is recommended saving the email containing the order, always to have the link to download the program and the personal codes necessary to install it.

In any case, if you register on WebSite X5 Answers
, you can find this information on your user profile.


How Many PCs can I Install WebSite X5 On?

The software license allows the installation on a single PC.
However, if you have two positions (for example, a laptop and a desktop) that you don't personally use at the same time, you can install the software on both PCs. Otherwise you should buy another license of the program.
To install the software on the second PC, you simply have to launch the installation again and do the registration process again, inserting the same email address used for the first installation.


Does My Licence Expires?

The licence of every edition or version of WebSite X5 has no expiry date. This means that it not expires and that it can be continue to be used for the updates of the existing projects or to create new projects without the need to pay any further fee. The user can freely decide if he wants to update the licence by buying and upgrade to a more complete edition (as Ex. from Compact 10 to Evolution 10) or to a more recent Version (as Ex. from Evolution 9 to Evolution 10).


How Many Websites can I Create with My Licence?

Once you bought a licence of WebSite X5, there's no limit on the number of website you can create. You can create all the websites you want, for you, for your friends or clients. You don't need to pay any further fee, also not on theme you sold to others.


Does WebSite X5 Work on Mac Systems?

WebSite X5 was designed and built to operate on a Windows system, however, many of our users even use it on a Mac system thanks to applications such as VMWare or CrossOver on it.
It is recommended to test the demo version downloadable at
before purchasing the full version.


The Projects Made with WebSite X5 Evolution 9 can Be Opened in WebSite X5 Evolution 10?

Yes, projects made with the previous version WebSite X5 Evolution 9 can be opened and updated in WebSite X5 Evolution 10.

Converting a project is simple:

  • In WebSite X5 Evolution 9, open the project you want to update, go to Step 5 and choose Export the Project, indicating the destination folder. The result will be a compressed .IWZIP file that contains both the project file and linked files.

  • In WebSite X5 Evolution 10, in the Project Selection window, click on the Import button and select the .IWZIP file of the previously exported project. Your old project will now appear in the list of existing projects (for the new version).

Select the imported project from the list and click on Next to make the necessary changes.

Import times vary according to the size of the project and the number of files linked to it: the .IWZIP file must be expanded and the library and preview files have to be created.

However, these operations only have to be done once: after the first time, the document will open faster.

Further informations are available in the document “ Converting project


The Projects Made with the Free and Demo Version can Be Opened in WebSite X5 Evolution 10?

Yes, in both cases it is not necessary to start the projects from scratch. In the Free Version the option to export the created projects is available. So you can import them later directly in Evolution 10. In the Demo Version, the projects cannot be exported, but once you install the Evolution 10 Version you will find automatically your projects in the list of the existing projects. Once the projects are opened in Evolution 10 it will be possible to use the template library, and all functions of the full version to make them more complete and publish them online.

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