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WebSite X5 Answers is more than a forum, it's not just another CRM, and it's got something of a Wiki feel about it.
If I buy WebSite X5 as a download what do I get?

If you buy WebSite X5 as a download you'll receive the program much more quickly.
Once your payment has been received, an email will be sent automatically to you with the instructions for downloading and installing the software.
We recommend you save the order confirmation email so that you always have the link to download the program and the personal codes necessary to install it.
In any case, if you register on WebSite X5 Answers, you can find this information in your user profile.

How many PCs can I install WebSite X5 on?

The user licence allows you to install the software on 2 PCs, providing that it is not used by two people at the same time. If you have two computers (for example, a laptop and a desktop) that you don't personally use at the same time, you can install the software on both PCs. Otherwise you should buy a multi licence for the program.
To install the software on the second PC, launch the installation procedure as you did on the first one, and go through the registration process again, giving the same email address used to register the product code in the first installation.

Does my licence expire?

The user licence for the various editions or versions of WebSite X5 does not have an expiry date. It can continue to be used for updating existing projects or creating new projects without having to pay any further fee. The user can freely decide if he wants to update his licence by buying or upgrading to a more complete edition (for example, from Home 12 to Evolution 12) or to a more recent version (for example, from Evolution 11 to Evolution 12).

How many websites can I create with my licence?

Once you have bought a WebSite X5 user licence, there's no limit to the number of websites you can create. You can create all the websites you want, for you, for your friends or clients. You don't need to pay any further fee, even if you sell a website.

Does WebSite X5 work on Mac systems?

WebSite X5 was designed and built to operate on a Windows system, however some people do use it on a Mac system thanks to applications such as VMWare or CrossOver.
If you want to use WebSite X5 on a Mac, we suggest you try the Demo version before purchasing the full version.

Can I open projects created with WebSite X5 Evolution 9, 10 or 11 in WebSite X5 Evolution 12?

Yes, projects created with versions 9, 10 and 11 can be opened and updated in WebSite X5 Evolution 12.

It's easy to do: 

  • open your project in WebSite X5 Evolution 9, 10 or 11, go to Step 5 and select Export the Project, giving the destination folder name. This creates a compressed .IWZIP file which contains both the project file and the linked files.
  • Then start WebSite X5 Evolution 12 and open the Project Selection window, click on the Import button and select the .IWZIP file of the exported project
  • At the end of the process, the file will appear in the list of existing projects. Select the imported project and click on the Next button to make your changes. 

The time it takes to import a project depends on its size and the number of linked files: the .IWZIP file has to be decompressed and the library and preview files have to be created. These operations are only done the first time: the next time you open the file, it will be much quicker.

You'll find more information in the document “Converting Projects

Can the projects created with the Demo and Demo Professional versions be opened in WebSite X5 Evolution 12/Professional 12?

Yes, it is not necessary to re-do the projects from scratch. 
In the Demo version, the projects cannot be exported, but once you install the Evolution 12/Professional 12 version you will find your projects already in the list of existing projects.
When the projects are opened in Evolution 12/Professional 12, it will be possible to use the graphic template library and all the features of the full version to make them more complete and publish them online.

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