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How to make your own amazing website
from scratch (by yourself)

In 5 steps. Incredible.

You have to agree that building a website alone is like being on a roller coaster.
Or isn't it?

When we learn something new, lists, numbers, bullets are food for thought. They require a minimum of effort, that's why they're so easy to remember.

If you want to build a website from scratch, you can succeed easily and fast with a point-by-point guide.
WebSite X5 works like this, in 5 steps.
Discover it.

Step 1 - Set up your online project

What kind of website do you want to make?
Choose according to what you want to achieve online.

A site to get you noticed

Over 3 billion people use the internet to do research on products, brands, activities on a local and global scale. That's 40% of world population: want to let the fish off the hook? Create a unique site and reach them online.

An online store to start selling

If you want to offer your products to true online shopping lovers, open a store that also works perfectly on smartphones and tablets. Mobile sales are growing 200% faster than the rest of online purchases.

A blog to promote yourself

A post a day, one more customer. Don't be surprised by this fact. More and more users seek advice online and rely on blogs for their choices. The next could be yours.
With WebSite X5 the first step is to create a project and set up the most important sections of your site such a blog and an e-commerce cart. If you don't have a clear idea of what to do, the program is so flexible that you can always add them later.
Want to know more? See how Step 1 works >

Step 2 - Choose a Template

Take care when designing your website if you want to succeed. In WebSite X5 you can choose from 500 pre-defined graphic templates. You can also create your own template from scratch. Simply add text, images and effects from the editor and you'll get an original template for your website.

Step 3 - Organize your site

Add the pages you need and the framework of your site is done. No problem if you don't know what a SiteMap for search engine indexing is. The program automatically updates it with the navigation menu. And you can quickly go to the next step.

Step 4 - Create your web pages

How to communicate effectively on you website?
Think about your audience. Be direct, simple and useful.

Web pages without coding

With the Drag & Drop visual editor you just drag the content in to compose the pages of your site. Add text, images, galleries, animations, videos, e-mail forms, search fields, product catalogues and maps. In WebSite X5 you do everything without coding.

Effective and interesting text

Optimize your text to attract genuinely interested users to your content. With the new title object in version 13 it's easier to select SEO H1, H2 to H6 tags and climb up the search engine rankings.

Unique images for your site

Choose unique images to drive traffic to your site. Organize them into beautiful galleries or go shopping on the Marketplace for a little extra. For a dynamic site, combine parallax and new popup effects.

Step 5 - Publish your site online

Transfer the contents and pages from your computer to your web space and publish your site via FTP. With WebSite X5 you connect to the web space directly from the program thanks to the integrated FTP engine that supports secure connections. Don't have a domain and web space? Choose the 12-months web hosting service included and make sure to register your very own domain.

Worried about missing something? The advanced WebSite X5 project analysis features show you what is missing before going online, including Title Tags and SEO descriptions to improve your ranking on search engines and the Google Analytics code to monitor traffic on your site.

... and one last click

Done! The only thing left to do is one last click to send the SiteMap to Google and share your site with your Social Network contacts.
Try WebSite X5 now and create your own website
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