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What do you sell?
Things you make yourself, home-grown produce from your garden, articles in your shop or products from your company?
Whatever you have to offer, show it at its best in the best shop window of all, the Internet.
Open your online store with WebSite X5: even if you're not an expert, you'll be able to create it and keep it up-to-date by yourself.

Stores and shopping carts to sell online

All you need to build a complete online store

Product catalog

It's true that customers can't touch the articles or try them on from the Internet. But that doesn't mean you can't publish great photos and describe your products in a way that will make people want to have them. WebSite X5 provides you with all the necessary tools for describing your products in the best way possible - text, tables, pictures, galleries, videos - and for creating the pages of your product catalog in just a few clicks. You can include a description of each product, highlight special offers with a rosette, indicate the availability and price and it goes without saying that you'll place the "Buy now " button in a prominent place!
Payment methods

Some people prefer to pay by cash and others always use their credit card. Rather than force people to use a method they're not happy with (and even risk losing a customer), you can offer a choice. WebSite X5 supports credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, cash on delivery, Google Wallet and many other services available through international gateways. It's quick and easy to integrate them, and transactions on your store are absolutely secure.
Special offers and discounts

Who isn't attracted to a special offer or a discount, when it means we can save a few pennies?
Many people shop online because they often find lower prices than in traditional shops. Do your maths and consider what offers you can propose: discounts can be a fixed rate or a percentage, on individual items or on the order total. You can also use discount vouchers and give them use-by dates to encourage people to make their purchases.  
Private purchasing groups

Extra discounts for members is the basic idea of a lot of private purchasing groups on the Internet.
If you're interested in offering such a scheme in your online store, you can do it easily with WebSite X5. Once you have created your shopping cart, you just include it in a Members' area in the website: customers have to register to obtain a username and password.
Mobile app

There are lots of different approaches to buying online: some people search for all necessary information on their desktops and then buy from their mobile, others do just the opposite.
Be ready! Make your website responsive with WebSite X5, so that it adapts itself to display correctly on all devices. You can also invite visitors to download the app - it's free and available for iOS and Android - so that they receive pushes, news and special offers directly on their tablets and smartphones.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing can be your best allies when looking for customers.
WebSite X5 creates websites and shopping carts with search engines in mind: it uses standard HTML5 code, appropriate tags, the sitemap.xml and robots.txt files and microdata for product information.This all means that your pages and products will be ranked at the top of search results.
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