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Passion for fast and effortless website building.
Our journey started when a friend sent us a request. Since then, the world of WebSite X5 has grown and we've received similar requests from all over the world. Today we're happy to say that thousands of people get their passion and success online with sites built with WebSite X5. We're glad to share the same enthusiasm for creating sites quickly and easily.
This is the WebSite X5 world in stages.
Us and our users. Together.

2000 | WebSite 1.0

The inspiration for WebSite X5's predecessor came to us while we were travelling on a hot summer day. We built our 5 steps and since then we've never stopped.

2003 | WebSite Plus

We took Plus to SMAU, an important event for tech
and innovation lovers.

2005 | WebSite X5

The turning point. The first version of WebSite X5 is released. Our software for creating sites in 5 steps has grown. And so has the passion of our users.

2007 | WebSite X5 Evolution 7

Flaming red and black box for the official presentation in CeBIT in Hannover. Sold in over 40 countries also through a network of important distributors and retailers such as Wellcome, Media Markt, Euronics, Media Saturn: WebSite X5 is becoming more and more international.

2011 | WebSite X5 Answers: welcome to the community!

Users from all over the globe, top-level moderators and Incomedia tech support. Together we've become a community that really wants to share its passion for sites built using WebSite X5.

2013 | WebSite X5 10 Evolution & Professional

A version that made history and which remained close to the hearts of our users. And for the first time Professional is launched onto the market in order to satisfy the needs of small business owners who want to stand out on the web.

Today | WebSite X5 13 and Incomedia

Behind WebSite X5 today there are 4 teams: support, development, marketing and design. We work together in Incomedia, the company that grew with WebSite X5, to ensure the quality of our products. We're real people for real needs, those of our community. Version 13 of WebSite X5  was born from their needs: easy-to-use, fast and complete.

Simple Solutions, Professional Results.

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